Guitarist Dave Rude juggles three jobs these days. He fronts the Dave Rude Band, he's the youngest member of Tesla and he is also a guitar teacher. The Dave Rude Band is a hybrid of Southern and modern rock. There's a bit of a stadium element, too, which makes sense. Rude grew up on bands like Guns N' Roses and other beloved rockers, and the influence definitely carries.

The difference these days, of course, is the year. In 2011, a band no longer needs a label to ensure a steady output of music, so they're using a new website to give fans free and legal downloads of songs as they're ready to be released. But it's not all singles. They have two albums under their collective belts with 2009's 'Carry Me Home' and 2007's 'Dave Rude Band,' both which are available on iTunes.

"It's just the way things are now," Rude told Noisecreep. "It sort of sucks in a way, but at least the music is out there, so that is good. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the T-shirt sales business." True to form, the Dave Rude Band feature their merch store prominently on the front door of their website.

While the Dave Rude Band actively write new songs and consider label options, they continue to play shows whenever and wherever possible. The band is based in California, and that's where many of the gigs are located. Still, Rude and his musical cohorts find themselves often in the middle of the country. "We're a new band, trying to get a following," Rude said, shyly. "We love playing for people."

When asked why critics call his band a power trio, you're just met with laughter and an "I don't know." Pressed to further elaborate, the forever modest Rude finally admitted, "Well, we do have a lot of force ... power behind our songs. I think Cream was first called a power trio. Something like that. Anyway, I think it's positive."

Rude became an official member of Tesla a couple years ago. Tesla is working on a new acoustic album, but Rude said fans shouldn't look for new tunes very soon. "It could be a year," he explained of the wait facing Tesla fans. "We haven't really started writing yet." The recent fire that swept through the studio of Tesla bassist Brian Wheat has also pushed back work on the album. Rude said Tesla may play festivals this summer.