Ted Nugent didn't hold back when commenting on yesterday's (March 5) passing of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela. But then again, since The Nuge is a proud (and ultra conservative) American, would anyone expect him to be anything but happy when an anti-American politician dies?

"All dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots should die ASAP," Uncle Ted, an outspoken opponent of communism, told TMZ after learning of Chavez's death from cancer. "Let freedom ring."

There are reasons why Nugent would have such distaste for Chavez, since he often criticized America's foreign policy and aligned himself with Cuba, a Communist government, as well as other Socialists countries in Latin America.

So The Nuge isn't just critical of his own president, having spoken out against Barack Obama left and right, no pun intended! He takes aim at foreign leaders, as well, since he's equal opportunity in his disdain for politicos with whom he disagrees.

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