Oft-controversial right wing rocker Ted Nugent doesn't have a home at the Discovery network and it appears that despite his claims, he never really did in the first place.

The channel has canceled the rocker's reality show American Guns in the wake of the tragic Newtown, Connecticut school shootings last week.

Earlier this year, the network aired a one-hour special, Ted Nugent's Gun Country, which featured the Motor City Madman, who is also a member of the NRA. He suggested that further shows were on the horizon, but according to Discovery's people, the relationship ends there.

The network deemed the special a one-time thing, but Uncle Ted claimed that the powers-that-be wanted to develop the show into a regular feature that could help him fight the culture war. The company and the rocker certainly differ on that point.

In the special that did air, the "Cat Scratch Fever" singer was seen shooting an oryx, which is said to be extinct in the wild, and therefore a pretty reprehensible action, if we don't say so ourselves. The Nuge was also shown blowing holes in a steel door used by "preppers" awaiting doomsday.

The network eventually caved to pressure to cancel American Guns, with viewers referencing the Nugent special when discussing their disdain for shows that promote guns. A rep refuses to link this show's cancelation to last week's massacre.

However, distancing itself from Nugent did have something to do with the shooting.

Another report surfaced claiming that a Discovery rep said that Nugent will not return to the network in any form or fashion. The rep said that the special didn't draw high ratings –shocker!- but that the recent shooting incident also factored into the decision that Nugent will not be welcomed back in any way, shape or form. The rep also denied Uncle Ted's claim that he was working on a series with at least 12 episodes.

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