If you think Taproot's new album 'Plead the Fifth' sounds a little like Alice in Chains, you wouldn't be alone. In fact, Taproot guitiarst Mike DeWolf says he hears the similarities too -- not a shock since just about every guy in the band is a major AIC fan. "Steve's a huge, huge fan," DeWolf admits via phone to Noisecreep. "I'm a fan, so I think that's kind of naturally just works it's way in one way or another."

The 'Steve' DeWolf mentions is Taproot singer Stephen Richards. He also arranges, writes and records many of the band's tunes. When DeWolf says he has a song idea, he either goes to Richards' house or forgets it. He just doesn't have his own recording setup.

"Steve is a technical guy as far as recording and what not," DeWolf explains. "And I don't have anything at home to record with. I can't sit down one day and write something and then remember it the next day. I have to be in the environment of writing an album like, 'Okay, I wrote the thing. I'm going to Steve's, we're going to record it,'" he laughs.

But what about playing on a daily basis when the band isn't on the road or recording? For DeWolf, it just doesn't happen. But don't accuse him of burn-out.

"I pick up [the guitar] pretty much when I have to." DeWolf admits, realizing he's admitted what is perhaps a cardinal sin amongst pro musicians. "I'm being honest here," he continues. "Every once in a while I'll play for my daughter or whatever. And she likes to play, too." DeWolf's daughter is four, but he didn't pick up the guitar until he was in ninth grade.

In addition to his duties as a guitarist, DeWolf also acts as the main art guy for Taproot, creating images and logos for merchandise and the web.

'Plead the Fifth' is available now via Victory Records.

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