Unearth drummer Derek Kerswill is showing off his more experimental and -- dare we say, progressive -- side with his other project, Tangents. The band's debut, 'One Little Light Year,' is due out Oct. 26. If you love metal but like to cleanse your musical palette with some spacey music a la Radiohead or As Tall as Lions, then you'll surely dig Tangents. Noisecreep is proud to premiere 'The Pieces Fall,' which displays the band's effective use and full range of dynamics.

"'The Pieces Fall' is probably the 'edgiest' track on the record," Kerswill told Noisecreep. "We wanted to make this album a musical journey, with lots of peaks and valleys, taking the listener up and down in terms of dynamics. People have forgotten about the idea of a 'full-length album' these days. And we definitely set out to make the greatest, most dynamic and inspired full record that we possibly could."

Listen to 'The Pieces Fall'

We've heard 'One Little Light Year,' and we can say mission accomplished. Tangents are planning a handful of live performances around the album's release date, and you can always talk to Kerswill about Tangents while he tours with Unearth.

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