Unlike the United States, straight-up classic-style heavy metal never really went out of style throughout most of Europe. That's why it didn't surprise Noisecreep when we first heard Taletellers. The German quartet's upcoming album, 'Radicalizer,' sounds like something that would have come out in 1989. Not that we're complaining!

Taletellers were formed in late summer 2005. Their first album, 'Detonator,' caught the attention of metal tastemakers in Germany. Now signed to Metalville Records, the band has its sights set on global domination.

Noisecreep has the exclusive premiere of 'Sadistico,' one of the scorching tracks featured on the forthcoming 'Radicalizer.'

Listen to 'Sadistico'

Taletellers' vocalist-guitarist Alan Costa gave Noisecreep some insight on the song's inspiration:

"'Sadistico' is the German title of the Clint Eastwood thriller 'Play Misty For Me.' The song is inspired by the movie, but in an unusual way. Because, here comes the funny part, I've never seen the movie! I saw the title in a TV magazine and I liked the sound of it. I thought that it would make a great song title. So I had a quick flip through the plot description and that inspired me to write a song about a sick relationship which ends in disaster. The two main characters of the song have totally different ideas about how their relationship should be. Is it just a sexual thing, is it real love? One thing is for sure: one of them will bleed at the end."

Taletellers' 'Radicalizer' comes out April 19th.

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