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Woe of Tyrants, ‘Venom Eye’ — Song Premiere
If you've yet to hear of Woe of Tyrants, we'll remedy that situation right now with this exclusive premiere of the thrashily modern song 'Venom Eye,' from the band's new album 'Threnody,' which drops on April 13 from Metal Blade Records. You'll feel like you need to go to the dentist and be outfitted for crowns and porcelain veneers, since 'Venom Eye' is like a steel-toed kick to the teeth... Rea
Warbringer Tour Dates With Overkill
You'd be wise to bring an industrial-sized vat of Bengay or Icy Hot to the upcoming thrash tour that Warbringer find themselves on. The Los Angeles thrashers are hitting the road to thrash and pillage alongside Overkill, Vader and God Dethroned, with Evile and Woe of Tyrants in tow...
Bison B.C., ‘Dark Ages’ — New Album
Vancouver's own Bison B.C. have finished recording their third album, 'Dark Ages,' which they'd been working on for several months at Hive Studios. The four-piece band worked with Jesse Gardner, who recorded both of their prior releases. "He's taking us on a dark, mystical, next level s--- kinda journey," vocalist Dan And recently told Noisecreep in a studio update last December... Read
Pestilence Tour Dates With Warbringer
Following a 12-year hiatus, Dutch technical death metal veterans, Pestilence, reformed in 2006 and now they're finally making it back to North America to tour for the first time in 16 years. The band will launch a 17-date trek with Warbringer, Vital Remains, Enfold Darkness and Sacrificial Slaughter, which starts May 30 in Baltimore and runs through June 17 in New York City...
Woe of Tyrants Broke Chipotle Burrito Records in Studio
Despite the weight of the subject matter on Woe of Tyrants' forthcoming new album 'Threnody,' which deals with a 'traveler' who bounces between planets and experiences a lot of s---, the band enjoyed their studio experience. "We had a pretty standard time at the studio, filled with stress, attempts at breaking Chipotle burrito records and watching cartoons," singer Chris Catanzaro said.
Woe of Tyrants Look to Ralph Waldo Emerson for Inspiration
For 'Threnody,' Woe of Tyrants submerged into the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, where the album title was lifted. "I am not done with college, but had to take time off due to the hectic schedule we've been dealt in this band. So I was reading on my own," vocalist Chris Catanzaro told Noisecreep about his scholarly influence, which isn't spawned from his status as a college student... Re

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