Woe of Tyrants

Despite the weight of the subject matter on Woe of Tyrants' forthcoming new album 'Threnody,' which deals with a 'traveler' who bounces between planets and experiences a lot of s---, the band enjoyed their studio experience. "We had a pretty standard time at the studio, filled with stress, attempts at breaking Chipotle burrito records and watching cartoons," singer Chris Catanzaro said.

Yes, you heard right -- burrito-eating records were involved. "We witnessed a false fire alarm at the hotel, a 2.53-pound Chipotle burrito, a blizzard which hit the last day, turning our six-hour drive home into a 21-hour drive home and many containers of Ramen noodles." Sounds like a grand ol' studio session. Or a night at the dorm! 'Threnody' will be released by Metal Blade on April 13.

The completely creative -- and as we found out, off the cuff -- Catanzaro has other tricks up his sleeve besides Woe of Tyrants. Sort of. "I am working on a side project right now that is going to be my first solo project, Back Alley Implants," he said. "The songs will be trance music, played on my piano. The lyrical themes will be about a band of homeless people that are perfectly content with being homeless and they find ways to experience the luxuries that the rest of the world does, only homeless style.

"So they give the girls in their group back alley breast implants, stuffing in things like discarded fruit and baseballs, and drink malt liquor out of stolen champagne glasses, things like that. I just made that up, but I think I'm going to go forward with it now as it sounds fun to write."

We think he should go forward with Back Alley Implants. Perhaps incorporate the subject matter into the next Woe record?