Circa Survive, ‘Blue Sky News’ — New Album
Philly experimentally proggy, post-hardcore band Circa Survive just released their Atlantic debut, 'Blue Sky Noise.' It's the band's first album in two years. Featuring former This Day Forward member Colin Frangicetto on guitars and ex-Saosin vocalist Anthony Green, who hits notes so high you'd think he was a girl (if you didn't know any better ) or that someone was squeezing his testicles when
Create Avoid, ‘Heart Remains’ — New Album
Create Avoid; say it out loud and fast a few times and you'll 'get' the puns implicit in the name- are making music in the vein of classic, DIY hardcore with their debut release, 'Heart Remains.' While that ethic has certainly waned in the hardcore scene in recent years, Create Avoid keep the flame burning and pass the genre's torch to a new breed and generation of kids in the crowds and on the s
Before Their Eyes New Rise Effort Debut Out March 9
Before Their Eyes, the Ohio-based, post-hardcore band featuring ex-members of Drama Summer, will release their latest effort for Rise Records on March 9. The band has a very visual element, something that's key in an over-saturated market populated with too many bands...
HIM Channel Duran Duran, Depeche Mode on New Album
HIM lead singer Ville Valo is admittedly miserable yet hopeful. 'Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice,' which will be released by Sire Records on Feb. 9, is nearly wrapped up and he's gearing up for the buzz kill. "We're still working on bits and bobs in the cover artwork," Valo told Noisecreep...
Impious Drummer Michael Noren — Your iPod Is Showing
"When I grew up, I was a total black metalhead." Impious drummer Michael Norén tells Noisecreep, explaining the inclusion of Gorgoroth, Dissection and, perhaps, the Black Dahlia Murder on his 'Your iPod Is Showing' list. "The people living in the small community where I was born and raised -- 72 inhabitants to this day -- miles away from civilization, were scared to death of me. Es
Saosin Play Amusement Park — Exclusive Video
Saosin just released 'In Search of Solid Ground,' the Southern California quintet's second album. As we all know, competition is fierce out in the rock world, and bands are finding new and creative ways to get the word out about their music...
My My Misfire Are Only Unsigned Band on ‘Saw VI’ Soundtrack
It's a pretty impressive feat when you're the only unsigned band appearing on the soundtrack to a major horror movie franchise. Tons of signed bands, with major label marketing dollars behind them, vie for and covet such placement. But Minneapolis' My My Misfire have grabbed one of those precious slots on the 'Saw VI' soundtrack...
Saosin Just Want to be Heard
"Growth is mostly a changing of your influences," Saosin guitarist Justin Shekoski explains to Noisecreep. "I know I, as well as all of the other guys , don't listen to what we listened to during the writing of our first record. I think positive growth for a band should be a broadening of your spectrum of music...