Metallica VIP Listening Party Announced
Anton Corbijn
Be among the first to hear the upcoming release 'Lulu' at an intimate listening session with Lou Reed and Metallica on Monday, Oct. 24, 2011. Bowers & Wilkins Sound Sessions will be giving away passes and a flyaway to the small private gathering in New York City and yo…
Did Lou Reed and Metallica Create the Perfect Storm?
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Lou Reed and Metallica are two musical forces of nature, so naturally when they teamed up for Lulu the hype surrounding the album was gale force. When both camps began touting the project as the best thing they'd ever done, the news really sounded far too good to be true...
Lou Reed and Metallica Announce Collaboration Title
As Noisecreep previously reported, legendary rock'n'roller and Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed has embarked on a quest of epic proportions -- to combine with thrash-worthy distorted sounds of Metallica and his own underground finesse into one full-length album...

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