The cover art for 'Lulu,' the upcoming collaboration album from Metallica and Lou Reed has just been unveiled and can be seen beneath the cut. The title for the record was named after German expressionist writer Frank Wededkind's plays about a young abused dancer of the same name.

'Lulu' was co-produced by Metallica, Reed, Hal Wilner and Greg Fidelman (Slayer, High on Fire) and will hit stores on November 1st via Warner Bros. Records. The joining of the thrash legends and the Velvet Underground icon has caused quite the stir in the music scene these past couple of months. "Why is this surprising?" says Reed on the album's official website. "An odd collaboration would be Metallica and Cher. That would be odd. Us - that's an obvious collaboration."

Check out the album cover for 'Lulu' below.

These two giants of modern music first came together in October 2009, at the 25th anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts in New York. Metallica played with the hometown hero on the Velvet Underground classics 'Sweet Jane' and 'White Light/White Heat.' Reed pronounced, "We knew from then that we were made for each other."

Warner Bros. Records

'Lulu' will be out on November 1st via Warner Bros. Records.