A crowd of more than 100 gathered Sunday in Richmond, Va. -- home base of the band Lamb of God -- to hold a vigil for singer Randy Blythe, who stands accused of manslaughter in the Czech Republic, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

Blythe has been imprisoned in Prague since June 27, when he was arrested in connection with the death of a fan in May 2010. Czech authorities accuse the metal singer of throwing the concertgoer from the stage and causing the brain injuries that eventually led to his death.

Lamb of God guitarist Willie Adler was on hand for the rally, and speaking to the Times-Dispatch, he thanked the community for supporting his bandmate.

"This really brings it home," Adler said. "It's nice to see all different walks of life here. It's not just long-haired metal fans."

Adler and his bandmates have been working with the U.S. Embassy, and after Blythe's arrest, they were apparently told to leave the country. They've since set up a fund to raise money for Blythe's legal expenses, and while the band has yet to comment on the case, it may soon break its silence.

"We're not quite sure what's happening now, so we don't want to do anything to jeopardize it," said Adler. "But we hope to know something, maybe in a week."

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