Suicide Silence singer Mitch Lucker broke his elbow and shared some pretty graphic photos (and details) of his appendage via Twitter. But the busted bone was not the extent of his injury. Apparently, the heavily tattooed vocalist developed an infection, passed out and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance, where he received a medicine cocktail and IVs. Ouch! Poor guy. Get better soon, Mitch. [Twitter]

Down/Pantera frontman Phillip Anselmo issued another video update about Hurricane Issac. He had shared two previous vlogs from his rain-soaked, Louisiana abode. In the latest Housecore News Hurricane Madness video, Anselmo is first outside, surrounded by crickets. It's creepy as hell, with Anselmo narrating what sounds like a gothic, horror poem, about moving trees and witches. Metalheads, we promise, you will love it. Just watch it; we can't do it justice. Anselmo has such a great booming voice, perfect for horror film voiceovers. [Revolver]

The new Queens of the Stone Age record is going to be "badass." How do we know? Well, Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal, the side project of QOTSA frontman Joshua Homme, has heard some of the new material for the group's sixth studio platter, since he is in close proximity to the band. And that's his verdict. He used a penis and porn star metaphor to explain the new music, saying, "The shit I've heard from the new Queens' album is so badass. It's really cool. It's the kinda shit that makes John Holmes have a bigger dick and he's dead, so that's pretty rad." That's pretty big. We can't wait to hear it. [NME]

Watch Queens of the Stone Age's 'Burn the Witch' Video

Rock feuds are pretty common, and we're not just talking about the ones between frontmen and their guitarists! There's current members vs. ex-members (Metallica vs. Mustaine); genres and decades like '80s hard rock vs. '90s grunge (Axl Rose vs. Nirvana) and mentor vs. protege (Trent Reznor vs. Marilyn Manson). So grab yourself some popcorn and a ringside seat for some of rock's nastiest feuds, courtesy of this comprehensive list! [Loudwire]

NYHC stalwarts Madball are in the studio working on new music. The band tweeted a short but sweet update, which read as follows: "music is in motion!!!! New record in the work !!! ." They sound excited!!! [Twitter]

I Am War, the raging metalcore band featuring members of Atreyu and Bleeding Through, have been forced to cancel their first-ever gig, which had been scheduled for September 29 in Rancho Cucamonga in their native California. Singer Alex Varkatzas issued a not-so-informative statement about the cancelation, which read as follows:

"Happy Labor Day to our American supporters!

Some bad news!!!!

I Am War WILL NOT be playing Sept 29th at the mosh for food benefit.

My apologies to the "we still believe" ppl and anyone else I may have let down.

I Am War will look to play our first show soon. Stay tuned for details!" [The PRP]

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