Skate/punk/thrash icons Suicidal Tendencies will release their first-ever DVD, 'Live at the Olympic Auditorium,' on Jan. 26 via their Suicidal Records imprint. It's 80 minutes of live ST mayhem, recorded back in 2005 at a storied venue that's now a Korean church.

"I am not a car salesman," frontman Mike Muir told Noisecreep about the DVD, which should achieve 'must-own' status for any self-respecting fan of the band. "Nothing is a 'must-have' for me. It's for each person to decide. But why did we do it? The Olympic Auditorium was originally built for the Olympics in 1900 in L.A. It was the biggest indoor building, and it sat there for a while as venues got bigger. It held a lot of events, from boxing to roller derby, and in the early '80s, the few real punk rock shows. Suicidal played there in 1984 and 1985, and it has been sitting there."

When Muir found out the venue was being sold and transformed into a Korean house of worship, the band decided it was their last chance to headline the place. "I thought to film it, since it won't exist after the show," Muir said. But it wasn't as easy as booking, promoting, shooting and playing the show.

"The irony of ironies was that two days before the show, I could not walk," Muir, who has been plagued by back problems since 2003, recalled. "I had back surgery after the show and thought, 'This could be the last Suicidal show ever!'" Thankfully it wasn't, as the band returned to the stage in 2007.

As for the DVD, Muir said, "We wanted to do something representative of Olympic Auditorium. We didn't want to do a big concert, like all these DVDs that come out, which are silly, in my opinion. That was not right for Suicidal, since we're not flashy."