Finnish power metal pioneers Stratovarius rage on with their 13th album, 'Elysium.' We talked with the cover's designer, Gyula Havancsák, nearly two years ago when he did the artwork for Jungle Rot's 'What Horrors Await.'

If you're familiar with the covers of two recent Stratovarius releases, 'Polaris' and the 'Darkest Hours' EP, 'Elysium' will look strangely familiar -- both in its artistic style and subject matter. Havancsák created numerous designs with similar themes, the first one appearing on the 'Darkest Hours' release. "The second one [I created] shows the pre-creature as he reappears on the 'Elysium' cover," Havancsák told Noisecreep, "possibly on a state of the next phase in his life, which after all became the total opposite of the previous cover design."

"In reality, I have created a third version of the cover design also," Havancsák continued. "I think that will be used as cover in some kind of additional publication. On this cover appears the spaceship from 'Polaris' as it is floating in a giant service station for maintenance."

Havancsák mentioned some new artwork for metal bands that are on the docket to be released, including art for Grave Digger, another Jungle Rot album and Opera Diabolicus.

Stratovarius are currently on the Seven Sinners Tour with Helloween, covering Europe and Japan until the end of February.