In a recent interview about their forthcoming, self-titled album for Atlantic Records, Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo admitted that vocalist Scott Weiland isn't in an enviable position! "I don't envy Scott when it comes to making an STP record, because that guy gets a lot of material thrown at him very quickly. I'm sure it's pretty overwhelming!" From the description of the album, it sounds as though Weiland handled everything hurled his way with his signature aplomb.

Stone Temple Pilots have endured their share of ups and downs, break ups, makeups and crippling drug addictions -- yet they always seem to come out on top and have constructed a patented songwriting formula that works for them, despite the sometimes tenuous intra-band relationships.

For this album, DeLeo said, "There wasn't a lot of experimentation. We don't want to get too far outside what people would come to expect from us and, for us, we definitely don't want to keep doing the same thing over and over. It starts with the song for [bassist] Robert [DeLeo] and I, and Scott embellishes upon it. When I have to compete with songs written by Robert, I have to be on my game if I'm going to have any songs on the record. It's a pretty healthy relationship in that respect. With that said, we bring out the best in each other."

'Stone Temple Pilots' is due out May 25. Just in time for Memorial Day celebrations.