The Stone Temple Pilots musical roller coaster continues and may have come completely off the track. The band issued an incredibly short -just 10 words- statement, confirming that they have "officially terminated" longtime frontman Scott Weiland.

The statement is as follows:

"Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland."

The group and its singer have had quite a tumultuous history through the years, experiencing massive success, breaking up and reuniting. It's an incredibly cyclical relationship. In fact, it's like a marriage where they endure long separations, but can't finalize the divorce.

In the past, Dean DeLeo (guitars) and Rob DeLeo (bass) have gone on to form bands without Weiland, most notably Talk Show in 1997 and Army of Anyone, featuring Filter's Richard Patrick on vocals, in the mid-'00s. Despite the other projects, the Bros. DeLeo always inevitably found their way back to Weiland.

Recently, Weiland announced that he would be embarking on the Purple at the Core tour, where he'd be playing STP tracks. It's unclear if that factored into his firing or if it was a long time coming and he is doing that tour because of his exit.

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