Metal YouTuber and comedic djentyboi Stevie T had his entire library of videos deleted by a hacker, who took over the musician’s channel and started a cryptocurrency livestream.

Stevie T’s fans noticed the hack happening in real time, with the YouTuber’s profile picture abruptly changing to the logo for Binance, a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. The hacker then began streaming a video featuring Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (aka CZ). Fans of Stevie T began flagging the channel, which eventually was removed from YouTube.

Earlier today, Stevie T started a Twitter account to update his fans on the hack. (Loudwire has confirmed the Twitter account’s authenticity with Stevie T.) "My channel has been removed," Terreberry tweeted. "So hack threat has been eliminated. Just gotta wait for my channel to be recovered. THANK YOU everyone who retweeted! #SaveStevieT I LOVE YOU ALL!!"

While in contact with YouTube, Terreberry was informed that his entire YouTube channel can be recovered. Unfortunately, hacks are not uncommon on YouTube and the platform deals with channel reboots fairly frequently.

Stay tuned for the return to Stevie T’s channel in the near future.

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