A video has resurfaced of a little kid crying after being noticed by James Hetfield at a Metallica show.

A young boy was standing in what seems to be the front row of a concert with, who appears to be, his father. He's holding a large British flag with Metallica written across the front, so he's definitely a big fan.

The pair stand patiently, until you see their faces fill with excitement. The two of them start shouting for Hetfield, who walks by the camera and turns in the boy's direction. The kid was so ecstatic to have been noticed by the frontman that he turns to his guardian with an enormous smile on his face, before breaking down and crying.

As the video rolls, you can see the child trying to pull himself together, but he can't shake the overwhelming feelings of emotion and he continues to cry. It's so wholesome. Hetfield really made that boy's entire day, and maybe even his life, just by acknowledging him.

Honestly, we'd cry right now just to be able to go to a show at all. Watch the footage below.

The clip was originally posted in 2018 by Daily Motion, but has since been reposted on the Jeff Ament's Army Facebook page. It's gotten 530,000 views since it was posted there on April 17, so it's obviously making the rounds again.

We hope that the boy has only continued on with his love for Metallica, and metal in general. Sooner than later, he'll be able to see them play live once again.

Little Boy Cries After Being Noticed By James Hetfield

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