Watching this sign language interpreter sign Steel Panther's "Death To All Metal" really just makes us wish we were at the show. The band performed at the Download Festival at Donington Park in Leicestershire, England but this interpreter only enhanced the experience as she added her touch to the band's often raunchy lyrics.

The festival spanned over three days and bands such as KISS, Iron Maiden, Biffy Clyro, Deftones and Korn performed, along with Steel Panther. According to a repost on lead singer Michael Starr's Instagram, Steel Panther has played at the festival six times. They started off performing at the tiny tent (completely packing it out) and most recently headlined Download Festival's second stage.

The sign language interpreter during Steel Panther's performance at the festival was thoroughly enjoying herself as she signed the lyrics "They can suck my ass with all the record companies" while sticking out her tongue. She also crushes the air guitar while her animated facial expressions and gestures get you pumped for their performance.

You can hear the crowd cheering her on while she translates some of the group's most beloved songs.

According to the Performance Interpreting Facebook page, the interpreter is viewed as "a true reflection of music and language expressed with soul, passions and understanding. An artist's gift is to entertain us with their talent, to stimulate our senses. Performance Interpreting allows Deaf Sign Language Users to come together with family and friends to share in the magic."

Comments on the YouTube video of Steel Panther's interpreter include: "She was a legend!" and "Really wanted to see what it looked like for 'Gloryhole.'" You can watch this awesome sign language interpreter sign Steel Panther's "Death To All Metal" during Download Festival that took place last weekend below.

Watch This Sign Language Interpreter Sign Steel Panther's "Death To All Metal"

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