Canada's the Metal Voice recently sat down with Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr to discuss the band's new album On The Prowl. During the interview, they also got candid about cancel culture when Starr was asked if the band has gotten any pushback regarding their music or their shows.

The short answer: not really. Starr explained that people who go to Steel Panther concerts know what they're getting themselves into —women getting invited onstage to flash the crowd, offensive lyrics, and lots of hair.

"I think everyone is there for the same party," Starr explained. "So we reallyreally haven't experienced any of that [cancel culture]. Our shows have been selling out on this tour and I would like to attribute it to how great my hair looks but it's not that it is more like people are sick of not being heard. People are sick of getting bullshitted and they want something they can count on."

The only pushback Starr could think of came from a plug-in Steel Panther guitarist Satchel designed called the "Pussy Melter." According to Starr, "It was on the TC Electronic website and a girl guitar player saw it and she got extremely offended by it. And she wrote the company and they took the plug-in off because one person was upset with it."

But then Satchel came up with the idea to make their own guitar pedal instead. "We sold 'em all in, like, two weeks. And so that [was a situation where] somebody tried to cancel us — like a subcategory of us — and it kind of backfired on them."

Steel Panther's "On The Prowl" world tour kicked off in February and will continue throughout North America through April. The band will then take a short break before heading to the United Kingdom and Ireland in May. You can grab your tickets here.


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