Killer Lyrics: It seems that you don't give a s---t about my views / So I don't give a s---t about you now / Pride in myself and the choices I have made / I don't care about what you have to say

Des Moines, Iowa's Stand United make their official debut on Eulogy Recordings with 'Adherence.' The titular song is a rollicking and meaty hardcore anthem showcasing the band's straight edge commitment. "The main message in this song," vocalist Jordan told Noisecreep "is that I am proud to be straight edge, and if some can't respect me for it then I can't respect them either."

"When I wrote 'Adherence,' as well as when I wrote the rest of the record, I sat down and though about issues that other people could relate to," Jordan continued. "The narrative that is presented in this song is about people who 'sell out' and then criticize people who remain straight edge. I have dealt with this frequently and it is something that inspired me to share my experience with others."

Stand United are currently on tour with Lionheart and Donnybrook to support 'Adherence.'