Hey you! Yeah you, kid with the great video camera and who quotes Spinal Tap at every opportune moment. Well, your time to shine is here. Spinal Tap is having a "Make Your Own Video Contest" and the winner will get a prize pack of autographed awesomeness that has been described as "wicked".

To enter in this contest buy a copy of 'Back From The Dead.' This is important, and make sure it's not stolen as this saddens Nigel. Then you have to make an entire video for any of the following songs: 'Warmer Than Hell', 'Big Bottom, Hell Hole', 'Stonehenge', 'Back From The Dead' or 'Short & Sweet'.

You'll also need to join the Youtube group because that is where all the action is going to happen. All videos need to be uploaded there and they'll be judged by Colman Hickey, the creator of the famed Lego video for 'Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight'. The winner will be contacted through the Youtube group where bragging rights will be awarded with the prize pack.

The contest runs until July 23 and is international so make sure to check the rules for where you live before hitting record.