Here at Loudwire, the name Corey Taylor is synonymous with one thing only — hard rock and heavy metal greatness. But, as anyone who has googled their own name knows, there's more than one of just about anybody in this world and we found eight sort of famous Corey Taylors, none of whom wear jumpsuits and masks while barking and singing onstage with Slipknot.

Not far off the mark from the one, the only — CMFT — are a bunch of Corey Taylor athletes, mostly football players and, in particular, running backs. Frontman Corey Taylor has to be in prime physical condition to withstand the demands of a Slipknot tour, so there's some common ground there.

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The Corey Taylor we know and love the most is as humorous is he is venomous when spouting his opinions, but even at his sweetest, he's probably no match for the pastry shop owner and purveyor of sweet treats who is also named Corey Taylor.

We can't spoil everything though, so go on and scroll through all the other Corey Taylors we could find directly below.

8 (Sort of) Famous Corey Taylors Who Aren't in Slipknot

There's only one CMFT, but not just one Corey Taylor.

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