The best part of going to the Rockstar Mayhem Fest is undoubtedly the stellar lineup of bands you get to witness for the great ticket price. But anyone who has been to an all-day music festival knows how hard it can be to take the sun and heat after a few hours. Noisecreep found this out first hand when we were at the traveling metal circus' San Bernadino, Calif. stop.

The temperature that day was somewhere between Hades hot and just past unbearable. Despite the oppressive swelter, one act after the other attacked the stage with endless amounts of energy, intensity and unforgiving aggression. Bands like Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel and Killswitch Engage gave the kinds of relentless performances that had no regard for the obviously impractical weather situation.

Behemoth even wore their full stage costumes of leather and corpse paint! We had to find out how the various musicians dealt with the scorching heat day after metal filled day. From what we gathered, inside the comfortable confines of an air conditioned tour bus is the place to hang out in between performances.