Slipknot and Tool may often be battling it out for supremacy atop the metal world, but behind the scenes there's a friendship there that paid off when it came to Slipknot's new album. As bassist Alessandro "V-Man" Venturella revealed to (as seen below), there's a piece of Tool that was used in putting together one of the songs for The End, So Far.

"When we did 'Adderall,' we were looking around and I didn't want to use my standard bass that I use live," Venturella said. "Kindly, Justin [Chancellor] from Tool lent us this really old p-bass. That's the bass that I wrote with [for] 'Adderall.'"

Clearly, the "ask" panned out. "Adderall" has caught many fans of the band off guard, opening the album with one of the more melodic songs of their career. A mid-tempo drum and synth sound lead the band through a very Radiohead-esque vibe, providing a true curve ball to start the record and earning the praise from fans as they continue to push boundaries in their music.

For V-Man, who better to go to for a more atmospheric song than a musician who captures that atmospheric heaviness regularly with Tool. "Those [are the] types of little things that just make the album special," the bassist explained.

Slipknot, "Adderall"

Slipknot's The End, So Far album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart in its debut week, but the band was not denied when it came to Billboard's Artist 100, where the release of the new album catapulted them to the top.

You can find Slipknot finishing out the year on tour, with festival dates in Mexico and South America scheduled for December. Get your ticketing info here.

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*Last updated July 29, 2022. We still need time with the rest of the new album!

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