At Iron Maiden's The Legacy of the Beast show in Anaheim, California on Sept. 22, a fan climbed onto the stage, making animated gestures toward members of the band. But Bruce Dickinson knew how to deal with him and promptly dragged him off the stage.

In the fan-filmed footage seen further down the page, a fan climbs up stage left, over the props and the first member he encounters is guitarist Janick Gers. The fan drops down to one knee and flails his arms, which is met with an expressive reaction from Gers.

Dickinson then motions to the fan to come closer toward him. The invitation appears friendly, but the singer had ulterior motives — getting this guy the hell off his stage. And who could blame him? The stage is not a place for fans to be — this isn't a Municipal Waste gig where stage divers run rampant and that barrier between the fans and the stage is there for a reason. Primarily, safety and security.

The frontman moves away from the fan for a moment before returning to grab him by the shirt collar and then thrusts him through the curtain that seals off the stage from the production area where the crew is situated. They then take the stage crasher into their own hands and lead him away.

The incident came at the very end of the set (setlist spoiler ahead), during the second encore where Maiden play the iconic Powerslave opener "Aces High" with a fighter plane whipping through the air overhead.

Watch the video clip below.

Maiden's North American leg of The Legacy of the Beast tour wraps up on Oct. 27 and you can get tickets for the remaining stops here. Next year, they'll hit Europe on The Future Past tour, with a special focus placed on the Senjutsu and Somewhere In Time albums.

Fan Crashes Iron Maiden Stage in Anaheim, Calif. (2022)

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