Alright, the cat's out of the bag — Slipknot have finally officially confirmed that Michael Pfaff is the man behind the mysterious "Tortilla Man" mask in a new AMA on Reddit. During the session, the percussionist revealed how he was hired and some other interesting facts.

The 'Knot shockingly announced that they were parting ways with former percussionist Chris Fehn in a statement in March of 2019. "Chris knows why he is no longer a part of Slipknot," they wrote. "We are disappointed that he chose to point fingers and manufacture claims, rather than doing what was necessary to continue to be a part of Slipknot. We would have preferred he not take the path that he has, but evolution in all things is a necessary part of this life. Long Live the Knot."

It turned out that Fehn, who'd been a member of the band since 1998, filed a lawsuit against them claiming he was not financially compensated for what he was owed.

When Slipknot announced their We Are Not Your Kind album in May of 2019, the press photo showed that there were still nine members, but Fehn wasn't in the photo. Fans began speculating who the new member was, nicknaming the mysterious figure "Tortilla Man" in the process, due to the appearance of his mask.

In February of 2020, an unmasked photo of the group surfaced online, confirming the theories that Pfaff is, indeed, Tortilla Man. Six months later, in a virtual pop-up shop, Tortilla Man's neck gaiter was listed as the "Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover," which really sealed the deal.

Find out 10 things we learned from Pfaff during his AMA session on Reddit below. And to see the percussive Tortilla live in action, see Slipknot's upcoming tour dates here.

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