It is officially official — Slipknot have, for the first time, publicly (and intentionally) revealed the true identity of the Chris Fehn replacement known affectionally to fans as "Tortilla Man." Yes, all suspicions and accidental leaks have been correct — Michael Pfaff is Tortilla Man.

"You've been warned," wrote Slipknot on Twitter in advance of a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session set to take place with Pfaff at 3PM ET/2PM CT/12PM PT today (March 16).

And just how exactly do we know that it is indeed Michael Pfaff? Well, Slipknot finally gave it away as the percussionist is seen holding a piece of paper with the online event info and, at the top are the four most beautiful words any Maggot could hear or see: I am Michael Pfaff.

See the photo further down the page and head here for the AMA session.

So ends three years of rumors and internet sleuthing. No more will we have to agonize over cross-referencing photos and videos of Slipknot unmasked in an airport to look for physical and facial similarities. The world is no longer at risk of being duped into thinking legendary comedian and voice actor Gilbert Gottfried is the enigmatic Slipknot percussionist. The band will not fall victim to friendly fire like they did in the summer of 2020 when they mistakenly listed a member-specific face covering as a "Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover" in an online product description.

The Pfaff and Slipknot connection goes back much further than 2019, when he stepped in as the newest member of the group. Sid Wilson introduced Clown to Pfaff in the late 2000s and, together, the two newly minted pals formed the alternative rock band Dirty Little Rabbits with Pfaff on keyboard and organ and Clown on drums.

Tortilla Man, as we'll continue to call him for now at least, will have an opportunity to leave his mark on the 'Knot legacy with a new Slipknot album expected to arrive this year. Meanwhile, he'll be jumping around, hitting things and screaming all year long on two North American legs of the Knotfest Roadshow tour. See those upcoming dates here.

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