When Slipknot headlined the 2009 version of the Download festival, the band made sure a camera crew was in tow. Their performance was captured by 30 cameras -- and over 80,000 fans ate it up. Now hat performance is coming to DVD under the name '(sic)nesses.'

'(sic)nesses' features the 18-song set, including 'Dead Memories' and 'Disasterpiece.' Other DVD features include a 45-minute film directed by M. Shawn 'Clown' Crahan that captures Slipknot on the road on the back of 'All Hope Is Gone,' plus videos for 'Psychosocial,' 'Dead Memories,' 'Sulfur' and 'Snuff.'

The Download show was one of the last major performances with bassist Paul Gray. While Gray passed away suddenly in May, '(sic)nesses' captures him in his element: making live music as a member of Slipknot.

'(sic)nesses' is available Sept. 28 via Roadrunner.

'(sic)nesses' track list

1. '742617000027'

2. '(sic)'

3. 'Eyeless'

4. 'Wait and Bleed'

5. 'Get This'

6. 'Before I Forget'

7. 'Sulfur'

8. 'The Blister Exists'

9. 'Dead Memories'

10. 'Left Behind'

11. 'Disasterpiece'

12. 'Vermilion'

13. 'Everything Ends'

14. 'Psychosocial'

15. 'Duality'

16. 'People=Shit'

17. 'Surfacing'

18. 'Spit it Out'