Slayer just unleashed a brutal new video for “You Against You.” Acting as a prequel to the heavily violent “Repentless” video, a familiar character returns for the story to explain how he ended up in prison.

“You Against You” is just as awesome, or possibly even better, than the “Repentless” clip, which was voted Best Metal Video of 2015 by Loudwire readers. The “Repentless” prison riot captured some crazy shankings, beheadings and an epic cameo by Machete legend Danny Trejo. However, it’s the protagonist with the eyepatch, Wyatt, (played by Jason Trost) who stars in “You Against You.”

Fans will know they’re in for a bloody experience from the opening shot of “You Against You,” which pans back on a dead body completely skewered with knives. After finding the body, Wyatt is ambushed and is forced to fight for his life, and if he’s got to kill about a dozen people in the process, he’s open to it.

"It's really cool being part of a video that's not just some crappy music video from the ‘80s or ‘90s,” Kerry King tells Rolling Stone. "It's from a real Hollywood director (BJ McDonnell) who has a lot of friends in the biz who stepped up and wanted to be in a Slayer video. That's what makes it cool to me."

Frontman Tom Araya adds, ”After the 'Repentless' video, BJ delivers with 'You Against You.' F—ing awesome!!!!!"

Check out Slayer’s video for “You Against You” above. Slayer is currently winding down on the band’s tour with Testament and Carcass. For the remaining tour dates, click here.

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