SlashSlash has read the feedback and heard the comments from fans on his remake of the Guns N' Roses classic 'Paradise City' with Fergie and Cypress Hill. "Out on the street it's one or the other; either they love it or they hate it. There's no in-between," he tells Noisecreep.

He also knows that some people can't get past the fact the song, one of the signature GNR tunes, features Fergie, not exactly known for her rock pedigree. "Everybody only knows her as Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, and that totally represents power pop and they hate that," he says. "People either just hear for what it is cause no matter what it's great sounding, but other people are against it in principle."

But he's seen a different side and he swears she is a rocker. "I dig Fergie, too, and I back her because I know how rock 'n' roll she is," he says. "I was attracted to her because I heard her singing rock 'n' roll stuff and so that's how all that happened."

In general, Slash is thrilled with everybody who appears on his forthcoming solo album. "I managed to get everybody that I wanted and in some cases, a couple of cases, where I didn't get who I originally thought of I ended up with somebody better," he says. "So I ended up with the right fit cause sometimes you might come up with an idea that sounds right in your mind and then you go to execute it and it isn't necessarily what you thought it was."

And now that is the album near he is digging it. "It's cool and it's really cool to listen to now that I have it sequenced," he says. "It's just great cause it's a really entertaining record and it's sort of a little bit like a roller coaster."