"At the end of the day the breakup of the original five guys lies on all of us," Skid Row guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo says in a recent chat with Legendary Rock Interviews. "It was the way we all reacted to each other, it was the things we said and did at that point in time."

Sabo laid it all on the line recently when discussing his current career as a band manager, guitarist and his relationship with former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach. From Snake's point of view, a changing music landscape helped create a rift between Bach and the rest of the band and the differences became too apparent to ignore.

"I think a lot of times what happens a lot times in these situations is that people's idiosyncrasies or characters can become masked or hidden when you are experiencing a certain degree of success. When that success starts to fade certain character issues will come out and rear their head be it in a positive way or a negative way."

When prompted, Snake recalled some of the most contentious times with Bach, including the day the band split from the famed frontman.

"It came to a head with a phone call around Christmastime in 1996 when we were dealing with the show. I had forgotten to turn the volume down on my answering machine and Sebastian called and left this hate-filled message calling me every name in the book and I'm just sitting there with my jaw open with all of my family. It was pretty interesting, the message went on for a little while and I let the family leave before I made a phone call back. I called him and I said 'You know, I got your message' and was really calm and said 'I'll never play in a band with you again.' And that was it. That was how it went."

In 1999, singer Johnny Solinger was hired to replace Bach. With Solinger, Skid Row has recorded the albums 'Thickskin' (2003) and 'Revolutions Per Minute' (2006). The band is currently working on new material, but a release date is not imminent.

"I know the fans want to hear something new from us and it's been a while but at the same time we respect them enough to not just rush something out there," admits Sabo. "I would really like to have something out by the end of the year. We have at least five that will definitely make it and then about six other ones that we will continue to keep working on... There's just too many people who have shipped records with one or two good songs on it and the rest of it is filler."

Skid Row will play the M3 Rock Festival on May 12 in Columbia, Md.

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