Swedish rockers Sister Sin will be releasing a brand new album titled Now and Forever on Oct. 22. Noisecreep had the pleasure of hearing an advance copy of it and we were knocked out. For any fans of old-school metal, this record is a must-have, blending crunchy power chords and deep, cutting riffs with dark lyrics and a shimmering, modern production style.

Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple - Sister Sin channel all the best parts of classic hard rock, and they are fronted by a woman destined to become one of the next high-priestess queens of the genre, Liv Jagrell.

Noisecreep recently spoke with Jagrell about the album, the upcoming tour, and much more.

Liv, you must be excited now that the album is finally coming out and you'll be back in the States to tour.

I know! We're very pleased with it. It took more time than we expected to get it where we wanted it, but we are very happy with the songs, the album, the mixing, everything. We're very proud, it's just a little later than we expected. We're also excited about the tour. It's been too long since we came to the U.S. so we are very happy to know that we are going to be back in February. It's such an amazing place to visit and play, we feel long overdue in coming back so the shows are something we are really looking forward to.

What were the first records that got you into metal and hard rock?

More the grungy type. When I was a teen I was very much into Nirvana Then I discovered Courtney Love and I related to her. She was this tall girl who was cool and did whatever she wanted. She was just rock and roll. From the grunge, I started watching the Headbangers Ball on MTV. They played so much of that grunge, but they also played Pantera and those kinds of bands. Then my friends and I started listening to more metal – but my friend had MTV and we'd sit and watch all day. At 16 I became a huge Pantera fan and then got into heavier stuff, too.

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Did you have a chance to see many live concerts?

I grew up in a very small town on the West Coast of Sweden, so there was not a lot of live music. My parents are hippies so hey took me to hippie concerts – nothing very big or loud, but lots of live music. Swedish hippie bands. Peace love and all those kinds of things. I was very fascinated by that and always liked it, even if it's not the music I was really into.

What do your parents think of your music today?

They have to like it [laughs]. I think that they like it now. My dad was sort of rock and roll, not too heavy, but he understands what we do. He loves rock and roll, and he can feel the rock and roll in our music. For my mom, it's harder to appreciate the music, but she does - at least that's what she says, and she really likes our new album.

In your opinion, is it harder for a woman to make it in metal?

I've never been a guy so I don't know the difference [laughs]. But basically today, I feel like I've earned a lot of respect from the guys out here. When I started out playing music, I wanted my own band – and I'd hear from guy friends with bands, 'Girls are not gonna play rock and roll!' Today, I'm the only one doing it. Everyone told me at the beginning that I was totally wrong. People would say, 'You have to do what you what your are supposed to do – go to school and get a real job.' And I did the opposite. And I had very good grades. I could have done all that – but I had to play music. I notice today that there are opinions about me, how I look and how I move – but guys never get those comments. So I think there is a double standard.

Do many young female fans or musicians reach out to you as a role model?

Yes, and I am very happy about that. I hope I can be a role model for young girls that want to be in the business. I didn't really have that, nobody to show me how to do – there was a lack of role models – except for Courtney love – for me she was the best role model, but from afar. Not the drug habits of course, but to show how to rock and roll. I always tell girls you can do this if you want to – but you have to do lots of work and will probably have to work harder than the guys to earn respect.

Sister Sin's new album, Now and Forever, will hit stores on Oct. 22 via Victory Records. Pre-order the album at this link.

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