It's the thrilla in Manila ... sort of. But instead of Joe Frazier going mano y mano with Mohammed Ali, Massachusetts metal choir boys Shadows Fall go up against tens of thousands of their fans. The band will unveil 'Madness in Manila,' a CD/DVD set, on Oct. 26. The release documents the band's April 2009 visit to the Philippines, where they headlined Manila's Pulp Summer Slam Festival, playing for over 15,000 of their closest friends.

The DVD captures over 60 minutes of live footage, pyro and other assorted nuggets from their 2009 tour of the Far East; an audio CD of the 'greatest hits' performance is also included.

"It took multiple cameras and killer audio mix to capture the explosive energy and maniacal crowd of the Pulp Summer Slam, and this DVD does just that," stated dreadlocked vocalist Brian Fair. "This was our first performance after completing the recording of 'Retribution,' so we came out swinging with new songs, ready to attack the stage. The crowd of 15,000 in Manila gave us an overwhelming welcome and absolutely destroyed the place. Lots of metal, pyro and Red Horse Beer."

The band will return to Asia next month, wracking up stamps in their passports while playing Thailand, Taiwan, China and Korea along the way.

'Madness in Manila' track list

1. 'The Light That Blinds'

2. 'Forevermore'

3. 'Failure of the Devout'

4. 'Crushing Belial'

5. 'Burning the Lives'

6. 'A Public Execution'

7. 'Casting Shade'

8. 'Destroyer of Senses'

9. 'What Drives the Weak'

10. 'The Power of I and I'

11. 'Enlightened by the Cold'

12. 'Thoughts Without Words'

13. 'Inspiration on Demand'

14. 'War'

15. 'The Great Collapse'

16. 'Redemption'