We don't know what exactly it means to "trumpet the harlot," but we're game, since Shadows Fall guitarist Matt Bachand, who recently played bass on tour with Times of Grace, will be producing the debut album by Virginia-based band known as Trumpet the Harlot.

The album is titled 'Visceral' and Trumpet the Harlot have friends in high places from the Massachusetts metal scene, as they also recruit Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D. to create the album artwork. The band is currently recording 'Visceral' at Bachand's own 3508 Studios, with an expected early 2012 release date. Something tells us the album title is meant to be representative of their sound.

Watch Trumpet the Harlot's Album Teaser Video

Trumpet the Harlot will perform live with Chimaira, Unearth, Skeletonwitch and more on Nov. 20 at Jaxx in Springfield. The band is known for fusing speed with technical prowess. Check them out here.