Massachusetts' Shadows Fall are having something of a Twitter 'yard sale.' During the current tour supporting their new album, 'Retribution,' the band's daily Tweets give faithful fans the opportunity to grab freebies at the band's shows. Usually, around 2 to 3 PM ET, singer Brian Fair whips out his Blackberry and posts a code word or phrase on the band's Twitter page.

The first two people who show up at that night's gig and dash to the band's merchandise table and utter the correct pass code get themselves some good ol' free stuff. "Everyday that changes," Fair tells Noisecreep about the goodies. "Some days it's pins, patches, guitar picks. Some days it might be a signed drumhead or signed vinyl."

Besides giving fans a quick thrill, Fair says his posts on Twitter and Facebook lets them know that it is a real band member posting. "It's not some intern at management typing up something. It actually is me," he insists. "Same with Facebook. I pretty much answer every post and try and do it all as personal as I can."

It's really important to Fair to show the common courtesy of responding to a message that took time to write. "It doesn't take much time," he continues. "If these people are going to take the time to go to the store and buy our record or drive to the show and wait in line, the least I can do is say thanks. It takes two seconds to answer a post. If I had been a kid in the '80s and I could have gotten someone in Metallica to write me and say thanks, I would have died."