Massachusetts' Shadows Fall have always had strings and themes of Eastern philosophy weaved into the lyrics of their cutthroat metalcore sound, so it's no surprise that the band took to the roar and excitement of 15,000 attendees at the Pulp Summer Slam in Manila last year.

The band documented the legendary performance and their second tour of the far East on their forthcoming DVD 'Madness in Manila.' We here at Noisecreep are beyond proud to premiere 'A Public Execution' -- a cut from the audio CD that accompanies the DVD.

Listen to 'A Public Execution' (Live)

This performance was Shadow Falls' first after recording 'Retribution,' causing the then-newer material to be played with a fierce attack. On 'A Public Execution,' frontman Brian Fair gives the sea of fans a middle finger signal to join in on the vindictive chorus of "f--- it all!"

"It took multiple cameras and killer audio mix to capture the explosive energy and maniacal crowd of the Pulp Summer Slam, and this DVD does just that," Fair said in statement, describing the experience as "lots of metal, pyro and Red Horse Beer. It truly was 'Madness in Manila.'"

The CD/DVD will be released Oct. 26, but the set is currently available for pre-order.

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