Senses Fail are digging a little deeper into their 'Renacer' album, delivering a brand new video for 'The Mountains and the Sea' that shows you're never too old to change your environment.

The band themselves are familiar with change as they are currently in a transition period, reclaiming some of the heavier sounds that inspired them to make music in the first place. And some of that evolutionary spirit has spilled over into the clip for 'The Mountains and the Sea.'

In the promo, we see two elderly people, a man and a wife, struggling to get through life's basic daily functions, including sitting across the table from each other eating breakfast and taking their daily pills. As Buddy Nielsen sings about not recognizing the person right in front of you, there's suddenly a spark in the elder man's eyes returned by his wife.

Rather than taking the pills as presented to them, they crush them up and snort them, seemingly popping both out of their mundane lives and allowing them to reclaim the abandon they carried in their youth. The rest of the video is a trip best to be experienced by watching above, but let's just say these two can hold their own with people half their age.

Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen says, "I am very happy with this video. I feel that it stirs emotion and speaks as it's own piece of art separate from the song. In some ways, it is unsettling, but such is life. The goal of this video is to show that sadness and hopefulness at times coexist."

The band returns to the road in North America this fall, headlining dates with For the Fallen Dreams, Expire and Being as an Ocean. The Acacia Strain will also join the run for several stops. To see their full itinerary with ticketing information, click here.