Senses Fail are back, and they've got a special guest joining them on their latest song "Death By Water." Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas sits in with the group, lending his powerful screams to accentuate the anguish of the new track. You can hear the song in full below.

Speaking about the idea behind the song, singer Buddy Nielsen told RockSound TV, "It represents my interpretation of the 'Death By Water' stanza in T.S. Elliot’s The Waste Land. For me, the song's story is about entering the underworld through water and cleansing oneself of grief. Through the visual that came to me from The Waste Land, I wanted to build my own version of the wasteland for my narrative. This song takes place after 'Still Searching,' where I commit suicide at the album's end, specifically where I enter the underworld after passing on."

In March 2020, Senses Fail revealed that they were working on a double record titled What the Thunder Said, Hell Is in Your Head. "It is a concept record split into two stories. One half the record is in minor the other is in major. Half the record is inspired by TS Elliot’s Waste Land the other is based on Walt Whitman’s To Think of Time," stated the group at the time.

As for adding Charnas to the new song, Nielsen added,  "He’s just got such a cool voice, and the screaming part was perfect for him to show both sides of it."

Dig a little closer into the lyrics for "Death By Water" below and if you like the song, pick it up here. And stay tuned for more details on their next album as they become available and catch them on tour here.

Senses Fail, "Death By Water" Lyrics

All my heroes have died at the end of a rope petrified
So what does that mean for me cause I’ve been mining for salt in an empty sea
I’ve been reading my horoscope hoping it will help me cope
Will this anxiety always have its hold on me?
So I’ll dive down into hell, don’t bother wishing me well

I left my heart inside the ocean of you
I set fire to the sail
I let my lungs fill up I’m choking on you
There’s no way I’ll get away

This connection feels like it’s too much but that’s just the price you pay for love
So I’ll dive down into hell, don’t bother wishing me well

I always listen to sad songs in the morning so it gets better than this
When the sun comes up I can see the faults and fill them in
“The darker the night the brighter the stars
The deeper the grief the closer you are to God”
What is Hell? It’s being unable to love.

Senses Fail Featuring Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas, "Death By Water"

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