Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Scott Kelly hit the road on a mini acoustic tour and he did so in a Scion.

Kelly and the car's manufacturer released a super cool, animated mini-doc about Kelly's experiences touring in the new xB Audio model. If this short film isn't enough to push a Scion to the top of your vehicular wish list, nothing else will.

You see, Scion lends complimentary vehicles to touring bands. While the car might not be the right fit for a cross-county or coast-to-coast trek with five band members, a merch girl and a tour manager in tow,it's more than perfect when you are doing an acoustic run across three states, as Kelly did.

He hit the road to play Boston, Baltimore and New York, so it was an East Coast jaunt spanning a few hundred miles. As this video demonstrates, the car's adjustable seating allowed just the right amount of room to pack the acoustic guitars and some clothing. Easy enough!

Watch Scott Kelly Talk About Touring in a Scion

Even more importantly, the vehicle's sound system was top notch. Obviously, that's something crucial to a musician with finely-trained ears. While on the tour, Kelly was listening to obscure '70s stuff, country-western tunes and hardcore to pass the time on the wide, open road.

He points out that it's important, when driving, to wake yourself up with music, to crack your skull with it, or to use it to ease your weary mind when on the road. It's also a soundtrack to the pictures you see outside the window. Plus, he was able to play with the levels with ease.

According to Kelly, the most crucial elements for a touring musician, when it comes to a vehicle, are to make sure the door closes, the stereo works and you have enough gas. The Scion certainly allowed Kelly to have an enjoyable jaunt.

We absolutely love the animation, where the driver and passenger throw the metal horns! Nice touch.

For more information on Scion's xb Audio model, head over to this link.

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