The topic of mental illness has become a big one in the music industry over the last few months with the suicide deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington bringing it more into the spotlight and it is a subject that more people seem willing to openly discuss. One of those people is Neurosis vocalist Scott Kelly, who recently posted a very frank discussion of his own dealings with mental illness and a desire to share it so his loved ones no longer feel they have to hide his illness.

In the post, Kelly starts off, "I have struggled with mental illness for most of my life. I have spent most of this time hiding it from the people around me at work and in public but my family has suffered immeasurably from it. I recently made a decision to go off my meds because I thought I didn't need them anymore. For some reason I thought I was fine. This resulted in me abandoning my family for a week while constantly terrorizing my wife with vicious phone calls and text messages. I don't know why I did it, I don't know how I could have come to the conclusion that I didn't need my meds but I'm here to tell you I was wrong."

He continues, "Meds may not be for everyone who suffers but if you've got it like I do you've got to commit to them and don't let your mind trick you into thinking that you're ok. I'm not ok. I'm far from ok. The damage I have done to my family can't be undone and I am so sorry to my wife and all my children for the years of torment and abuse I have put you through. You guys have somehow stood by me and continued to fight for me and be there when I came back to reality."

Kelly explains, "I'm putting this out there because I'm sick and my family doesn't deserve to have to hide my illness from the world anymore. There is no shame in having mental illness. The shame is from hiding it from the world and forcing your loved ones to hide it for you. Please, if you are suffering out there don't be ashamed to get help, don't be ashamed to take your meds and talk to your therapist. Get in a program and do the work, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I could never say this anymore clearer then this, I love my wife and kids with all my heart, I have hurt them so much over the years and I am so deeply sorry. They are the light at the end of my tunnel and I will do anything to be standing in the light with them." See his full post below.

In addition to Neurosis, Kelly has been a frequent contributor to Mastodon's studio albums over the years. Kelly is expected to join Mastodon for their late year touring in Europe. See dates for that run here.

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