Saliva will release 'In It to Win It' on Sept. 3 via new label Rum Bum Records after years on IDJ. The band offered an inside look into the recording and studio process with their new EPK, shown above. The new record is the Tennessee rock band's eighth album and the first since the exit of longtime frontman Josey Scott, who split from the band in 2010 after 15 years of service in order to pursue a career in Christian music.

Scott has been replaced by Bobby Amaru on vocals and Saliva says this album is like shaking the Etch A Sketch and starting over. They also talk about how the energy that is present at their live shows and what they see in their fans' eyes and faces inspired the song 'Redneck Freakshow.'

The band promises that the new album will be much heavier than previous efforts, since that's what the members loved from the get-go and made them want to form a rock group. There's also tasty guitar licks, according to guitarist Wayne Swinny.

Keep an eye out for the new-look Saliva rocking audiences across the country this summer. Their full North American itinerary can be seen here.

Saliva 'In It to Win It' Track Listing

1. 'Animal'
2. 'She Can Sure Hide Crazy'
3. 'In It to Win It'
4. 'Choke'
5. 'Redneck Freakshow'
6. 'Lost'
7. '1000 Eyes'
8. 'Flesh'
9. 'The Enemy'
10. 'Rise Up'
11. 'I Don't Want It'
12. 'I.D.N.A.E.'
13. 'No One But Me'