Russian Circles: It sounds like a name rooted in some kind of dark, dusty literary book, or some kind of inner circle swear word Ronald Reagan made up. But the name fits the Chicago instrumental band's now infamous style of breaking sonics layered onto each other. "It's a reference to a hockey drill where you skate in circles," guitarist Mike Sullivan told Noisecreep in an almost embarrassed voice.

"Our first song 'Carpe' was actually called 'Russian Circles,'" Sullivan explains. "We needed a name, and there you go. You're stuck with the name of a hockey drill for the rest of your life."

While on tours over seas, Russian Circles have discovered over the years that their name has some more even embarrassing meanings in other countries. "In Russia, people thought it meant roller coaster, and apparently it's the name of some gymnastic move on a pommel horse, which is completely un-badass," Sullivan says.

Sullivan does admits that when the band has alcohol running in the blood stream at riotous rates, they've told fans and people during interviews large tales leading to a different meaning for Russian Circles. "It can get out of hand," Sullivan says.

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