Russian Circles

Earthless European Tour Dates With Russian Circles
Those damn Europeans. They love metal, so they get some of the best metal tours. Not like we don't get good tours here in the good ole U.S., but some of those Euro tours are worth severing a limb for. Earthless, whose members boast résumés impressive enough to make you turn pea soup green with envy -- like Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Blackheart Procession, Nebula and Drunk Horse -- are hea
Sargent House Records Founder Wants Your Band Insured
Sargent House is not the typical record label, and the one behind it, Cathy Pellow, prides herself on this. Rather than sit around discussing the next trend and newest marketing technique to get the applause of the blogs, she wants to talk about music and how to help keep good bands on the road...
Russian Circles Announce European Tour
Russian Circles are not a band that slows down -- not at any point -- and with bassist Brian Cook no longer sharing his time with the now defunct These Arms Are Snakes, expect the grandiose instrumental band to be on the road much more. And if you're in Europe, expect the band to hit a stage near you next month...
These Arms Are Snakes Call It Quits
Since 2004, These Arms Are Snakes have been spreading their own flavor of post-hardcore through constant touring around the world and releasing three full-length albums and numerous small players on vinyl in between. Many people have wondered when the band was going to head back to the studio to create a follow-up to 2008's 'Tail Swallower and Dove,' which was the most successful release for the

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