For those holding out hope for a White Zombie reunion someday, Rob Zombie says it's time to move on. In a new interview with Consequence of Sound's 'Rock It Out Blog' (seen above), Zombie says that his former band worked better in a certain place and time and he's not all that interested in trying to recreate that magic.

Zombie logically laid out his argument for not reuniting, stating, "It wouldn't be good. That's the thing. I mean a lot of people forget, because they went to see White Zombie when they were 15 years old and it was their first concert and everybody in White Zombie was, like, 23 years old. They're no longer 15 and they're gonna come to the concert at 40 and look at White Zombie, who are all gonna be 50 and go, 'This sucks now.' I mean, they forget that time marched on and changed. So I don't wanna come back and do it again just so that it can be inferior."

The frontman says the band stopped at the height of their career and he would like to leave the legacy there. As for reunions in general, Zombie says that not all reunited bands are a disappointment but rarely is it the same as the first time around.

He explained that most reunions are about the money and he likes the band he has now. He adds, "To get back with a bunch of people that I literally haven't spoken to in 20 years to go do a run for a bunch of money, I just think that's a big lie and I'm just not into it."

While Zombie may have a less than positive outlook on reunion tours, he admits that some do come across well. He cites Black Sabbath's '99 trek as one that worked. He adds, "It's not that it can't work, but it's all up to the individual band to see what they're gonna do."