It was a collision of horror rock icons when Rob Zombie joined Danzig and Doyle of the Misfits onstage in Montreal this past weekend. The epic performance of 'Vampira' from the Misfits' 1982 release 'Walk Among Us' took place at the Heavy Mtl Festival and it was a moment to behold for headbangers and metalheads.

It's pretty much a given that Zombie, Danzig and Doyle are of the same ilk -- as visual as they are musical with their art. They also have a deep appreciation for horror concepts and culture. So to have Mr. Zombie take the stage to perform with Danzig and Doyle is pretty epic but not unexpected. In case you missed it, Lamb of God's Randy Blythe enjoyed the same guest spot recently.

Zombie tweeted about his excitement for this cameo after the fact. But judging from the energy and movement in his performance, RZ was beyond stoked to perform with Danzig and Doyle. We haven't seem him rock out or groove like that in a while. Dare we call it "a fanboy moment?"

Below are Zombie's tweets. Seriously, can't you feel the excitement in those characters? He also shared a photo of himself with Doyle, as well. Maybe Danzig and/or Doyle can cameo in one of Zombie's next horror films!


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