As a whole, Revocation are not a political band -- at least sometimes. But the first video from the trio's Relapse Records debut, the brilliantly named Borg-nodding 'Existence Is Futile,' has been created for the track 'Dismantle the Dictator,' a fiery powder keg of dissatisfaction and dissent at a soured status quo that's ready to blow.

"Basically, I wrote that song inspired by George Bush," vocalist/guitarist Dave Davidson tells Noisecreep. "But it's also about these types of people in general, because there's plenty of dictators around the world who use their power in a way that's not beneficial to the greater good of society. People who rise up in politics often end up seeking their own agendas. They say they're going to do these things, but usually end up furthering their careers. It's a song about people taking action and not standing for it."

Yet the truth is, the Brighton, Mass.-based frontman admits, people do stand for it. "Back in the '70s, people were more proactive and protested. Now, in the media, protesters are labeled kooks no matter which side they are on. The media blanketed the whole idea of protesting with this stigma."

Davidson doesn't just blame the press though; he feels that we the people have gotten lazy. "The media has a lot to do with it. But people can't be bothered to be proactive. They think the system is what it is, so why bother trying to change anything." But even he admits that the man on the street has only his vote -- and that generally that ends up counting for little.

"In the election, it's like, 'Oh, we have a choice between s--- or more s---.' It's a case of choose the president that will suck the least, rather than being able to vote for someone who will be good."