Revocation leader David Davidson has teamed up with Ayahuasca's Luke Roberts to form the prog rock group Gargoyl. The band had previously released a two-song demo in 2019 and now they're here with their self-titled debut album, which will be out Oct. 9 on Season of Mist, and have released the first single, "Electrical Sickness."

"This song is not meant to be a pleasant experience," offered guitarist and vocalist Roberts. "There's a background static of anxiety and depression that seems to linger everywhere in our society," he continued, adding, "I would like to suggest it's time we look at these feelings in ourselves and take responsibility for them instead of taking them out on each other or trying to hide from them in all of our distractions."

"Electrical Sickness" is a labyrinth of avant-garde metal and progressive rock — think Voivod, Martyr, Virus and shades of Gorguts' atonal splendor.

Listen to the song further down the page, preceded by the lyric transcription, and view the complete Gargoyl album details beneath the video player.

Commenting on the project, Davidson expressed that this was an opportunity to deviate from his typical songwriting process. "Working with someone in more of a 50/50 kind of collaborative style was new for me," he said. "It’s nice having someone to split those writing duties with, someone who is just as invested in every little single intricacy and detail. It allowed me to function in a different sort of role, which was refreshing. I think that also led to more creativity because I’m writing in a different style, writing with all new members and taking on a different writing role in a band."

You wait while the others are kicking and screaming
Baptized by the crashing of raw sewage waves
Orphan in a basket of feathers and tar
Coffins made from particles forged in a star

Anxious concrete stretching all directions no way out
Sprawling giant human thoughts laid out upon the ground
Nauseous choking screaming bargaining for a way out
Thoughts evolving too fast for the mouth to make a sound

Sunset over toxic electrical firelight
Cheated by the means that promised an end
Truth is theres no system just panic and consciousness
Prove it? dip your hands in the river and taste death

Run away and don’t look back man
Drive until you find a place to rest
Follow twilight through the desert
Tired eyes will guide you to the west

Tun away and don’t look back there
Drive until you find a place to rest
Follow twilight through the desert

Tired eyes will guide you to the west
Fearful grasping
Electrical sickness

Rounding out the Gargoyl lineup is bassist Brett Leier and drummer James Knoerl. Pre-order your copy of Gargoyl here.

Gargoyl, "Electrical Sickness"

Gargoyl, Gargoyl Album Art + Track Listing

Season of Mist
Season of Mist

01. "Truth of a Tyrant" (2:30)
02. "Plastic Nothing" (5:55)
03. "Cursed Generation" (4:20)
04. "Electrical Sickness" (6:10)
05. "Wraith" (5:01)
06. "Ophidian" (4:42)
07. "Nightmare Conspiracy" (5:17)
08. "Waltz Dystopia" (6:18)
09. "Ambivalent I" (3:58)
10. "Acid Crown" (5:09)
11. "Asphyxia" (5:07)

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