There are places you expect to see grindcore shows, like basements and the occasional VFW hall. Then there's the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Brooklyn, N.Y. -- an ornate, 100-year-old building that's more accustomed to hosting family reunions and potluck dinners than a once-in-a-liftime show featuring three generations of grindcore. Regardless, that was the setting for the inaugural show in the Blackened Music Series on July 31, featuring Repulsion, Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth. Calling the show a "dream come true," Pig Destroyer's Scott Hull told Noisecreep that "to be playing with Brutal Truth and Repulsion is one of those landmark moments any band in this genre could hope to have."

The event also served as a book release party for 'Precious Metal: Decibel Presents the Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces.' This was fitting, as the magazine (and book) named Repulsion's sole release, 1986's 'Horrified,' in their Hall Of Fame, calling it the best grindcore album ever. Despite the influence the band had on the genre and the status awarded them by Decibel, Repulsion's Matt Olivo modestly joked about their age. "The reasons we took this show is because they have wheelchair and walker access, free Geritol and comp subscriptions to 'Sexy Seniors,'" he commented. "We can't wait to drool on you. We're having a raffle -- the winning fan can change our lead singer's adult diapers."

Despite a few issues -- the soundboard on wheels kept getting knocked into by moshing fans, beer running out, all bands going on later than announced -- the show went off relatively glitch-free. Repulsion's first New York show ever was enthusiastically met by the crowd. Pig Destroyer might have had the biggest pit of the night, and was the main draw for some people who inexplicably left before Brutal Truth. Ultimately, though, it was a promising and successful start to a series that will hopefully continue.

"I'm very happy we were able to present a show like this in such a beautiful place," promoter and Blackened Music Series creator Adam Shore says. "Grindcore shows are usually in basements or small, dark clubs. But these guys are the best there's ever been, and they deserve a large stage, state-of-the-art sound, a huge production, and a grand venue for this show, a 100 year-old New York City landmark building."

For New York metal fans, the next Blackened Music series will take place at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on Sept. 22 with Sunn 0))), Earth, Pelican and Eagle Twin.

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